Enjoy Wadi Rum

Guided tours and acommodation in Wadi Rum, Jordan


Full Day Jeep tour with overnight stay

 A whole day tour will take you to a majority of important sites within the main Wadi Rum area.

  1. From the village of Wadi Rum we'll go to visit the Nabataean temple; the Nabataean Temple is located near the Rest House in Rum village. Thamudic and Kufic rock art cover the surrounding area of the temple. The temple was erected around the first century BC. The Latin inscription on the altar depicts that the temple was in use during the first half of the third century.
  2. Next we'll drive to Lawrence Spring with a short stop, and we'll go to see the map and then the sand dunes which are a large area of sand dunes piled up against the mountains. It's fun to climb to the top.
  3. Then we'll go to see the ancient inscriptions
  4. The next phase in this program is Lawrence House.
  5. Next we will go to the Burrah Canyon where we will drop you off with a map and you'll hike for about two hours in this beautiful setting.
  6. At the end of the hike you will have lunch, Bedouin tea and then continue to the Burdah Mountain where we'll see the big bridge from the ground.
  7. After that we'll go to Um Frouth Rock bridge. We'll climb the bridge for about 20 minutes.
  8. Next is the Small Arch Bridge which we will climb.
  9. After this is Khazali Canyon. We'll spend about a half-hour walking through the canyon.

 Then we'll go to the camp where you can put your things in your tent, have a shower, sip Bedouin tea before viewing the setting sun at a gorgeous site called Al Ghuroub. If you arrive at the camp early you may walk to this site or take a leisurely hike in the area.

The next day after breakfast we'll drive you back to Rum Village, or you can ride a camel back to rum village. (25 JD per camel)

The price includes:


Full Day Jeep Tour WITH Overnight Stay
Full Day Jeep Tour WITHOUT Overnight Stay