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Camel Tours

Four day camel treks in Wadi Rum

The camel is one of the most important means of the bedouin in desert and also the best way to explore Wadi Rum. Take a 2 day or more tour in what is one of the most beautiful spots on earth, where you can enjoy your tour and sleep under the stars. Or stay in a Bedouin camp and Learn about the local culture, food and history of this region.

  1. The Day one
    The tour will start from rum village by the camel to visit Lawrence Spring and afterwards we go to my bedouin family where you can have some tea there and know more about the bedouin culture then we go to Khazaly Canyon which has inscriptions inside. You can walk through the canyon for a half hour. Here we will have lunch with bedouin tea and relax for one hour. After the lunch we continue to camel camp where we will stay over night and from the camp we can see the beautiful sunset.
  2. The Day two
    The camel will take you to visit the old map of Nabatean then continue to Red Sand Dunes which are a large area of sand dunes piled up against the mountains. It's fun to climb to the top. after we will go to see the Anfeshya Inscriptions Thamudic can be found in ancient stone on mountain. after stop for lunch and rest around one hour. then we go by the nice canyon with alot of sand to the way of camel camp, here you have your relax and Maybe read a book. or have some walk around the camp.
  3. The Day three
    we go to visit the little rock bridge including a gentle 10 minute climb with a fantastic views over the valley below. then we go by the khashkash canyon enjoy The different colors between the mountains and sand. here we are in the most beautiful place in the wadi Which is called um froth rock bridge where you can Climb on 10 min. also have our lunch here with bedouin tea and rest around one hour. after lunch we continue with amazing landscape and white desert changing colors. we stop in sega rock for the photo. then go to camel camp. where you relax and use the shower if you want.
  4. The Day four
    take your camel to go by the little canyon to visit the lawrence house with a nice views from the valley. Then continue to the stone which is similar to wild desert mushroom. and have the lunch with the bedouin tea. rest around one hour. after we go near by rega mountain with different colors of landscape. Return to camel camp or wadi rum village if you would like to finish your tour by the camel.

The price includes:


This tour can be more than four days. Or less on demand. the tour starts between 8:30 am and 10:30 am. If you arrive late you can take the tour next morning after staying the night in the camel camp.
Please contact us if you have any Question about this tour.