Enjoy Wadi Rum

Guided tours and acommodation in Wadi Rum, Jordan


Alone In The Desert

 For the people who dislike being organised and being told what to do, we offer the possibility of staying for a few days in the area of Wadi Rum where they can discover the desert by themselves, without the constant presence of a guide. This is really "getting away from it all"!

You will be able to organise your day as you wish, whether you prefer to rest in the camp or nearby, or to wander alone in the unbelievable silence of the desert. You might like to do some more serious walking, exploring the nearby valleys. You will be completely free, with nobody to tell you what to do or what time to get up or to go to sleep.

We offer a fixed base at our desert camp which is about 8 kilometers away from Wadi Rum Village or you can stay with my bedouin family in the desert. We shall expect you to return there before sunset each evening, but apart from this no limits will be set on you.

Other tourists may be sleeping there in the evening so you will have company then if you wish. If you prefer to remain alone, we can offer a small tent a short distance away. Supper will be hot, breakfast will include plenty of tea and we will provide picnic food for lunch which you can eat when and wherever you want.

You can stay in our camp for as long a time as you want to. No guide will be provided unless you ask for one.


This includes all meals and sleeping equipment. A day begun is payable in.