Enjoy Wadi Rum

Guided tours and acommodation in Wadi Rum, Jordan


Wadi Rum Adventure

 We have put together a programme which avoids most of the crowds here in Wadi Rum and which takes you far from the usual tourist routes. It is a four day programme, but deliberately designed so that you can choose do do just three, two or even only one day if you do not have the time for all of it. We warn you that you might have difficulty in deciding which day or days you would like!

It is a hiking and easy scrambling progamme that shows you some spectacular views. You do need to be in reasonable physical condition, but it is neither difficult nor too demanding. The day consists of something adventurous in the morning and an easier trek in the afternoon, usually after a rest midday. You will walk or scramble between four and six hours total in one day. Hiking boots and cotton socks are always preferable for this kind of programme, but you can perfectly well manage with trekking sandals or even trainers.

We shall sleep every night in our camp close to Jebel Raqa.

  1. Day One : We head off straight away to the Rakebat Canyon through the massif of Jebel Um Ishrin. The beginning involves scrambling up a big slab, before descending steeply into a narrow ravine – this is “Goat Gully”. When we come out from here, you will realise just how much of a labyrinth exists inside the imposing mountain. Canyons start off in every direction, and you need either a sharp eye for terrain or a good guide with you. The sandstone walls are very impressive, towering above you. After lunch in Wadi Um Ishrin, we have an easy hike to the red sand dune then we take a nice hike with beautiful sand canyon.
  2. Day Two : The next day, we make our way to Jebel Burdah and a climb to the famous Arch. This is easy scrambling, but as in the Rakebat Canyon, the guide will have a rope with him for safety, and the climb should provide no difficulty for active scramblers. Although Jebel Burdah is not very far from Rum Village, the view from the Arch is among the finest to be seen in the whole of the Wadi Rum area. To go up and down again usually takes about 4 or 5 hours. In the afternoon we hike towards the "Middle Arch" of Um Fruth. This is very simple climbing compared to the Burdah Arch.
  3. Day Three : We go to visit the Khazali Canyon. We'll spend about a half-hour here walking through the canyon. Then we'll go to the gatar Spring we will climb little up to the Spring We shall take a picnic lunch with us and stop somewhere to eat. Be sure to cover up against the sun here, there is little shade around, but the views to the north over Wadi Rum and to the south towards Saudi Arabia are magnificent. In the afternoon we shall do a shorter hike.
  4. Day Four : the views are even better. We are heading to Jebel Um Adaami, the highest mountain in Jordan, right on the Saudi border. This is a difficult drive for the 4x4, but as passengers you should enjoy it, especially the wide and lonely Wadi Saabit in the far south. When we reach the mountain we shall start up through a gully: this is the only difficulty in the ascent. The rest of the path is a stony one, leading to the cairn marking the summit. Here we are right on the border and can see far into the Saudi mountains. Make sure you have plenty of film with you!
  5. The last day we drive you back to Rum Village around after noon.


This includes all meals and sleeping equipment.