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FAQ / Useful Information

How can I make a Reservation?

Please contact me using the website contact form or directly by e-mail with any queries, and to make a reservation.


We can only accept payment in JD (Jordanian Dinar) and in cash. Please be aware there are no ATM’s in Wadi Rum village.

Food: What will I be eating?

Breakfast is usually: Zattar (Bread dipped in olive oil then dipped into a herb mixture), very good for your digestion! See if you can guess which herb it is?….We also serve assorted jams, eggs and cheese etc.
Lunch: We serve: Bread, hummus, salad, labaneh, tuna, fooul, eggs, and various hot dishes. For example eggs with tomatoes. Every lunch is a little bit different.
Dinner: is again varied but we will prepare for you a traditional Bedouin dish. For example: The Zarb, the traditional Bedouin meal cooked in something like an oven under the sand. Bedouin Barbecue cooked in the fire with rice and vegetables. Magloub, a traditional dish compromised of rice, potatoes, aubergine and chicken all cooked together. Mansaff, another traditional dish of chicken and rice cooked with yogurt.
With advance notice we can do our best to cater for special diets.


What do I need to bring? / Our suggestions

Depending on the time of year something warm. For an idea of the year round temperatures, check this site Wadi Rum Average Temperatures.
Sheet (if you prefer one)
Sleeping bag (if you like to use your own)
Torch/ Flashlight

For hiking:

Strong (with a good grip) covered shoes
First aid kit, with blister kit
Wash kit (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste etc)


How can I find you when I arrive in Wadi Rum?

You can come, directly to my family’s home in Rum Village, to the guesthouse in Rum Village at a pre arranged time, or we can meet you at the visitors centre at a pre arranged time. Call us or e-mail us and we can make a plan!


How can I travel to Wadi Rum?

From Petra: There is a daily bus that will bring you directly to the village, arriving between 8am and 8.30am. Your accommodation in Petra can give you more information on how to catch this bus. OR if you want to travel flexibly we would be happy to arrange a taxi for you. The bus is 5JD p.p. Taxi’s are 35JD and can take a maximum of 4 passengers.
From Aqaba: There are many service buses that will drop you at the highway junction to Wadi Rum, and from there you can hitch hike to Rum Village, or the visitors Center. OR if you want to travel flexibly we can arrange a taxi on your behalf. A service bus to the highway junction should be no more than 1JD. A taxi from the center of Aqaba is 20JD, from the Ferry port, border or south beach 25JD.
From Amman: There are many buses to Aqaba or Petra. You can take the service buses or Jett and Trust buses.

Getting Away: If you must!: 

To Petra: As long as tourists are coming from Petra then there will be a bus in the morning leaving between 8am and 8.30am that will take you directly to Petra (5JD p.p). OR if you want to travel flexibly we can arrange a taxi on your behalf (35JD).
To Aqaba: There is one direct bus in the morning (currently leaving between 6am and 6.30am), and as long as your fellow travelers don’t mind getting up early too then we can bring you back to Rum village for this time. However, this bus is normally full with locals (who will be given priority), as it is the only bus available for their use.
Alternatively take the bus returning to Petra (at 8.30am) to the highway junction (2JD p.p) then take a second bus from there to Aqaba (1JD p.p). OR if you want to travel flexibly we can arrange a taxi on your behalf (20JD to the center of Aqaba, 25JD to the border, south beach or ferry port).
To Amman: Either go to Petra or Aqaba first and then make a connection from there.
Please note there are more frequent buses to Amman from Aqaba.
DON’T FORGET many buses and services don’t run on a Friday.
Another option is to rent your own car on arrival in Jordan…