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If you want to take it a step further and throw yourself even more into the authentic Bedioun experience, you can try our cave experience under the stars. We are deep in the desert, which means there is no toilet facilities. Also no wifi.

The Bedioun people, hundreds of years ago used it for to take shelter from the elements, among other things.  Come here and stay under the stars and the beautifull milky way to experience it. As the cave is in a sheltered area, situated under a sandstone rock formation. This is a way to take a closer look, to how to Bedioun people lived many hundreds of years ago. Without tents, just what the desert provided for them. Experience it, with candles surrounding the caves, with one of the best sunset spots.

It is for an overnight stay but if you wish to stay longer then one night, there is an option to move to another cave area for your second night. This way you can experience a different location and area.

You can combine this with our other activities.

If you want to stay for one night:

2 person: 50JD per person or 3 – 4 person: 35JD per person.

This includesL

  • dinner,
  • breakfast
  • drinks
  • transfers from  Wadi Rum Village.