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About Wadi Rum

 A journey to Wadi Rum is a journey to another world. A vast, silent place, timeless and starkly beautiful.. Wadi Rum is one of Jordan's main tourist attractions being the most stunning desertscape in the World, lying 320 km southwest of Amman, 120 km south of Petra, and only 68 km north of Aqaba.

Uniquely shaped massive mountains rise vertically out of the pink desert sand, which separate one dark mass from another in a magnificent desert scenery of strange breathtaking beauty, with towering cliffs of weathered stone.. The faces of the sheer rock cliffs have been eroded by the wind into faces of men, animals and monsters.

Wadi Rum is probably best known because of its connection with the enigmatic British officer T.E. Lawrence, who was based here during the Great Arab Revolt of 1917-18, and as the setting for the film that carried his name "Lawrence of Arabia".

History Culture Flora and Fauna Weather and Clothing Everywhere in this moonscape place are indications of man's presence since the earliest known times. Scattered around are flint hand axes, while on the rocks at the feet of the mountains the names of ancient travellers are scratched. All around, there is emptiness and silence. In this immense space, man is dwarfed to insignificance.

The valley floors are some 900-1000 meters above sea level, and the great sandstone crags rise sheer, a further 500-550 meters. Jabal Rum is the highest peak in the area and the 2nd highest in Jordan. Others are some 27 km north of the Rum village like Jabal Kharaz and Jabal Burdah with its Rock Bridge which is one of Wadi Rum's most popular attractions.

There are many ways to explore this fragile, unspoiled desert retreat. Serious trekkers will be drawn to Wadi Rum, with challenging climbs some 1750 m high, while casual hikers can enjoy an easy course through the colorful hills and canyons. Naturalists will be drawn to the desert in springtime, when rains bring the greening of the hills and an explosion of 2000 species of wildflowers. Red anemones, poppies and the striking black iris, Jordan's national flower, all grow at will by the roadside and in more quiet reaches.

Stunning in its natural beauty, Wadi Rum epitomizes the romance of the desert. Now the home of several Bedouin tribes, Wadi Rum has been inhabited for generations. These hospitable and friendly desert people are settled in Wadi Rum in scattered nomadic camps throughout the area. Visitors who are invited to share mint tea or cardamon coffee in their black tents, perhaps sitting by the fire under a starry desert sky, will have an experience not to be forgotten.

Wadi Rum is an ideal location for hiking, climbing and trekking. Except in summer months, climbing the Rock Bridge here is unforgettable. 4x4 vehicle tours and hot air balloon riding at dawn and in the late afternoon are feasible with previous arrangement. Camel trips from the wadi to either Aqaba (several days) or Petra (about a week) may also be arranged.

About Bedouins


If you want an unforgettable experience in the desert, you have found the right place. Wadi Rum is a unique desert destination, between sand and mountain. We want to share with you all its beauties. That is why we offer a large range of activities, that we can combine in infinite ways. If you wish a tranquil discovery, or a more sportive trip, just tell us and we will be happy to organize a programme that fits you.

I work with an excellent team of guides; all of them are Bedouin from the local tribe and all of them speak good English. They are all excited that you should enjoy yourself and see how beautiful Wadi Rum is. I cannot guide all the tours myself, much as I would like to.

We all truly love the desert, we have lived here all of our lives and we know it very well indeed. We are always very pleased when tourists ask us about it and our life there. We shall be happy to answer any questions you might have about the life of the Bedouin.

We pride ourselves on how many of "our" people tell us that "Wadi Rum was the high point of our holiday", on how many of you email us or send us postcards when you arrive home - and on how many of you plan to come back to visit us again or send your friends to see us!

About Us

We are bedouin guides from Wadi Rum in Jordan and we are here to show you around one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We have been living in the desert for several generations and have decades of experience looking after visitors, a life-style handed down from generation to generation.

We run a camp in the desert of Wadi Rum, Camel Camp, providing a great authentic desert experience.