Enjoy Wadi Rum

Accommodation and trips in Wadi Rum, Jordan


Welcome to Wadi Rum

We are a bedouin team from Wadi Rum in Jordan and we are here to show you around one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We work together with the tourism in Wadi Rum desert and know every rock there. We are happy to say that we love our work and enjoy it because this is the place that we grew up and we spent all the memories of childhood in.

We are proud that our family is bedouin and we are also very keen on the customs and traditions of our grandfathers who lived in this desert for several generations. We welcome all our guests in Wadi Rum and we are very happy to share with them our love of the Wadi Rum desert and our culture too.

We run a camp in the desert of Wadi Rum, Enjoy Wadi Rum Camp and another camp in the style of the bedouin life is simple camp for people who are looking to connect with a real Bedouin family.

You can book a stay with us easily through our contact page. Or just call Eid Hamdan on +962 777 545 119 for help with your stay in Jordan.